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The testimonials you are about to review are from actual clients – people just like you. They are people who wanted help but didn’t know who to turn to or who to trust. People who wanted a way out. People who wanted to finally put an end to bad credit. People who wanted their lives back.

These individuals took a chance in trusting us. They literally put their entire lives in our hands and it was our duty and mission to, not only empower them, but also to give them the buying power that they so very much deserved.
Become these individuals. Take a chance and trust that we will provide the very same personalized, quality services to you as we did to them. You will not be disappointed but you have to start somewhere so why not start here with AMB Credit Consultants?

Good Company Great investment for yourself

Amb Credit Consultants is a great company to work with. They not only fix your credit but they offer you the resources to also do it yourself. Customer Service is also wonderful. The best investment I could have ever made.

Gina Scott Campbell

Life Changing

I have spent 47 years on this earth not understanding how credit worked and seriously believe that my bad score would follow me to my grave. Every since I began following this group my entire outlook on my finances and credit has completely changed. I’m now save money, rethink every time that I spend and manage my credit in a completely different way. AMB stands out above all the other services because not only do they fix your credit they educate you on how to build it,manage it and how to improve your life financially. Forever grateful!

April Lopez

AMB Credit is a very

AMB Credit is a very great company in reference to getting a fresh start back on your life. ive been working with this company for over e4 years at first I was worried because other credit companys took my money and didn’t help. Within a month AMB Credit took my score up to almost 100 points they taught me how to manage my credit once its high up. I love this company so much. Arnita also care about her clients as well by helping pay there bills and teaching some on how to maintain there credit even if they cant afford it at the time. this company is heaven sent.


“AMB is heaven sent”

AMB Credit is a very great company in reference to getting a fresh start back on your life. ive been working with this company for over e4 years at first I was worried because other credit companys took my money and didn’t help. Within a month AMB Credit took my score up to almost 100 points they taught me how to manage my credit once its high up. I love this company so much. Arnita also care about her clients as well by helping pay there bills and teaching some on how to maintain there credit even if they cant afford it at the time. this company is heaven sent.

savontra cage

Best decision I ever made!

My God!!! #Wonthedoit!

Signed up with AMB in July 2016 and God has blessed me with my 1st brand new car with an unbelievable interest rate!! Lord knows I was trying to hold out as long as I could, but my 03 (no car note btw) was on it’s last leg. My credit union ran all 3 scores, my highest was 730. I have come a long way cause years ago I purchased a used car for 7K at a 18% interest rate and ending up paying double for the car…SMH!!! Thank you AMB, signing up with your company has been one of thee best decisions I have ever made. Money well spent with AMB!

Venita Rodgers

Praise Report

PRAISE REPORT Cousins!!! New 2016 Equinox, walked in with PreApproval Capital One Letter, Carmax offered 10.86%, Capital One offered just under 6% APR, no income verification, NO money down, Just 1 inquiry to TU Report! I think I’m still in shock and right under my budget…sooo grateful for AMB and Arnita Johnson-Hall for all the knowledge, best car buying experience EVER!!!

Tiff Yumad

God is Definitely Good!

I just want to say I am so freaking happy right now. Thanks to AMB Credit and Arnita Johnson-Hall, I was able to purchase my first home. I have been in the program for almost a year and I have never though this was a possibility for me. But GOD had other plans. He show up and showed out. It might not be much to others but this is my testimony. Arnita, I thank GOD for you and your knowledge everyday! I  started with a 435 in December of 15’/ Now I was able to make this purchase. God is definitely Good.

Zakiyah Kia Harris

It’s Official.

It’s official. Thanks to AMB Credit Consultants and Arnita Johnson-Hall, my equifax report is 100% clean! 7 points shy of the 700 club. 1 Beareau down…2 to go.

Stephanie Spann

Thanks for your help!

Closed on my house today, 3.175 interest rate. I love being able to say I have good credit. Thanks for your help.

Happy Client

You are apart of our accomplishment.

OMG! I have been BURNING UP INSIDE! I told my hubby that I was going to keep quiet until I got the key. You KNOW you are apart of our accomplishment. I JUST got out of your program when we got approved. So get ready for the house warming invite! Love you hunny!

Sapora Casteel

Great Credit lead to my new Honda!

Well my great credit led to my New Honda! When I was divoced and left for broke, I trusted god…stepped out on faith and prayed this business wasn’t a scam. Let me just say, God Answered prayers. A single mom…when I signed up all I had in the bank was my sign up fee and credit score of 540! I listened, learned and love Luxurious Credit. Still working toward my goals and a happy customer. Everytime I call, I get answers. I am just so grateful. Thank you so much for helping me learn to live in a society that is credit based.

Happy Client

Thank you so much for everything you do!

Hi AMB Credit! I’ve been enrolled in your program since March 2016 and watched a steady increase in all 3 of my FICO scores. Last November I bought a 2013 Altima with a 10.5% interest rate. I was actually happy that my APR was that low, lol. I enjoyed my car but I REALLY wanted a crossover SUV more than anything. I just couldn’t approved for the loan amount, even through my own credit union. Well, 3 weeks ago I got into a wreck and while my car was in the shop, I had a small SUV for my rental car.

It just reminded me of how badly I wanted to buy my own SUV. I checked my credit scores and decided to go to the dealership and see what they could do with my much improved credit. Can you believe that I was approved for a 2017 Jeep Cherokee with a 4% APR?! I even got the upgraded 75th Anniversary Edition with all bronze trim, rims, and a panoramic sunroof/moonroof combo. They didn’t even need proof of income because my credit did all the talking for me! Thank you so much for everything you do!

Btw, last year I had to put $1,700 down payment to get approved for the 2013 Altima. Not even a year later, I was approved with just a $500 down payment for a 2017 Cherokee. My income hasn’t changed but my credit score has so I’m truly appreciative of the hard work AMB Credit has done and continues to do for me. 😊❤

Happy Client

My experience was something awesome!

I joined your program in February of this year and stopped in June. I did all of the things your company requested and I finally got approved for a Capital One card. Well the pre-approved me for a $35,000 auto loan. I went to the dealership and drove off with a 2016 Chevy Mailbu with only $500 down! Thank you for all of your help. It really helped me and my experience was something awesome! Next up is a house!!! AMB Credit Consultants is a life saver!

Happy Client

Praise Report

Just Wanted to give my Praise Report! After working on my credit with you guys, my credit was finally good enough for me to go for a home loan! I have finally closed on my new home! I got a GREAT interest rate on a conventional loan and had absolutely NO issues getting a mortgage! Thank you AMB Credit!


Thanks for all of your help!

“I wanted thank AMB Credit Consultants for all of you help. I enrolled in your program February 2015 and later added my husband in July 2015. We were able to close to graduate your program and after 6 months, WE CLOSED on our new home. It may not be much to some but we are truly blessed and thankful for our new 5 bedroom, 3 bath home! Thank you again!”

The Brooks

The Solution

“My closing ratio has increased 30% since my affiliation with AMB Credit. I was impressed with how they got the job done. I now have a solution for my unqualified buyers.”

Jalisa Ingram

Blown Away!

“I was blown away when your company was able to get 7 out of the 20 clients I sent you guys pre-approved for a home loan in just four months! More of my clients are coming your way!”

Joseph Rodriguez w/Good Credit Now

Excited & Impressed

“Since I have outsourced my clients’ disputes to AMB Credit Consultants, I have been able to focus more on marketing and expanding my credit repair business. Their fast results, customized dispute letters, and deletion warranty further guarantees that I made the right choice. I was excited and impressed to know that their prices are affordable, disputes are unlimited, and most of, they dispute with all three credit bureaus and the data furnishers. Super Plus! I highly recommend AMB Credit Consultants to any credit repair company who are looking for a company to outsource their disputes and want to deal with a company that will get the job done the first time around!”

Cassandra Robinson

Saw positive results in three weeks!

“I signed up with AMB Credit Consultants in November and saw positive results in three weeks. They showed me how to establish credit and how to take care of it. I was shocked when my credit scores increased 100pts. I was approved for a home loan and was able to move in my new home while only being in the program for four months. I love my new home, thanks AMB!”

Andre Debose

Amazed at your Work!

“I just want to thank you for the credit repair that you have done so far. I am amazed at your work thus far. My wife and I are very appreciative of your continued efforts to assist us with our credit repair and will definitely be providing you with any information required to better our scores. Again, thank you and we look forward to hearing of more success with our credit repair.”

Nicole El-Amin

Really enjoyed the services

“I have really enjoyed the services provided by AMB Credit. My credit score has increased drastically not to mention alot of derogatory info has been removed as well as repos that were not mine. I recommend this service to all my family and friends.”

Cheryl E

Empowered to want to have good scores

“It is an honor to be able to speak in regards to how your company’s service was a benefit to me. I never really thought about the importance of credit or even how to maintain good credit. Not only did my credit score go up but I also received the education needed to continue to increase my scores as well as how not to slip back into bad credit. I have been empowered to want to have good scores and educated on how to maintain them.”

Tiffany Meankins

Finally accomplished my two main goals

“I have finally accomplished my two main goals, establishing credit and purchasing a vehicle and I wanted to thank AMB Credit Consultants. The program is very easy to follow and I was able to gain the score within three months. Establishing credit has helped me a lot now that I am able to purchase items. I will continue to move on with the procedure and attain improvements. I will definitely recommend her to anyone who wishes to accomplish great credit.”

Roderick Brown

I’m Impressed!

“You guys are alright with me…never seen anyone so dedicated to a job like you. I’m impressed with what you are doing; I didn’t think it was possible.”


Take charge of your financial future

“I gave myself six months to get on track and get where I needed to be. I signed up for your program and made sure I did everything that was asked if me on my end. I didn’t realize how diligently you guys were working behind the scenes! After three months I began to see items dropping from my credit report. I decided to take charge of my credit, in addition to your program and I literally became obsessed with it. I signed up for the FICO subscription to monitor it every day.One day while in Old Navy, I decided to apply for their credit card and to my surprise, I was approved!! After that I was approved for Victoria Secret, Wal Mart, and Target. I only applied for these cards to strengthen my credit score. I also consolidated my student loans and made sure I paid ALL of my bills on time. In the beginning of the year, I made two goals for myself, TO BUY MY DREAM HOME AND BUY MY DREAM CAR. After six months in your program, my credit score is now in the high 600’s and I was just approved for a $260,000 home loan, with zero money down (I used my Military VA Loan). I am building my home and scheduled to close in mid November. I say all this to say THANK YOU for your motivation, dedication, and inspiration!! To everyone out there struggling, don’t give up!! Make a conscious decision to take charge of your financial future. Trust me, once you get to that level, you WILL NOT want to go back. Be blessed and thank you AMB!”


When your credit speaks for itself…

“So I panicked so bad going to purchase a car after being in the program since last year. I totaled my 2011 BMW that was paid for. I went to the dealership at 1:00pm and was out by 2:00pm! When your credit speaks for itself this happened!! I was able to finance my new car at a 6% interest rate with Capital One. All thanks to God and AMB Credit Consultants! ”


I took a leap of faith in AMB Credit!

Just a year ago I couldn’t finance peanut butter for my jelly sandwich and even before that I’ve had bad credit for 16 years scores with scores in the 400’s but because I took a leap of faith in AMB Credit Consultants, my credit has improved tremendously! I needed a new vehicle so bad due to my engine going out on my 2006 vehicle so I decided to purchase a brand new 2016 Chevrolet Equinox on 3/28/16! I was so nervous when they ran my credit because I thought they were going to tell me I needed a cosigner even though I knew my Equifax score was 622.I was approved without the need of cosigner! My last vehicle was in my aunt & uncle name. I did this all alone I was so emotional that day all I could do was cry. Fast forward to 4/2/16 I looked at my scores and my Experian is a 645 never in my life would I have thought that I would even be a 600 which was my current goal and now I am on my way to the 700 club!AMB Credit, you are a blessing to me and my children you have changed my life forever and I am thankful for all you have done I hope to graduate from AMB soon! Thank you thank you thank you! ”

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